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Our Administrative Districts

aerial view of a village © Adobe Stock
Aerial view of a village © Adobe Stock

Since 01.01.2014, the Borough of Crivitz was formed by merging the following Administrative Districts: Banzkow, Barnin, Bülow, Cambs, Demen, Dobin am See, Friedrichsruhe, Gneven, Langen Brütz, Leezen, Pinnow, Plate, Raben Steinfeld, Sukow, Tramm, Zapel, and the town of Crivitz.

Thus the area of our Borough ranges from Consrade in the west, bordering on the state capital, Schwerin, through to Frauenmark to the east, just outside Parchim, as well as from Rubow in the north to Goldenstädt in the south.

The districts have a predominantly rural structure, yet in some respects there are significant differences between them. Accordingly, the smallest district, Bülow, has approx. 360 residents, while the town of Crivitz is the largest, with approx. 4,940.

The villages in our district and the town of Crivitz are situated in a very charming landscape, between Lake Schwerin, Sternberg Lakeland and the Lewitz. Numerous manor houses; walkers' and cyclists' paths; the lakes and the Warnow and Stör rivers, with their opportunities to make trips on the water; the churches and monuments – all these pleasures invite you to discover them.

Not least, thanks to a well-developed infrastructure, our administrative districts offer outstanding quality of life and conditions for running a business in the region.

The life within the various districts, the particular cultural features, and what the individual districts offer - you can discover all this on our website. Have a lot of fun as you do so – it would give me a lot of pleasure if you find many new and interesting things here!


Britta Brusch-Gamm
Borough Committee Chairwoman