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Borough of Crivitz

Welcome to the open, interactive administrative portal of the Borough of Crivitz.

Office Building Borough of Crivitz © Borough of Crivitz
Office buildings © Borough of Crivitz

The Borough of Crivitz emerged on 01.01.2014, through the merger of the former Boroughs of Banzkow, Crivitz and Lake Schwerin - Eastern Bank; it consists of the following Administrative Districts: Banzkow, Barnin, Bülow, Cambs, Demen, Dobin am See, Friedrichsruhe, Gneven, Langen Brütz, Leezen, Pinnow, Plate, Raben Steinfeld, Sukow, Tramm, Zapel, and the town of Crivitz.

The Borough of Crivitz is responsible for the public-administration affairs of around 25,000 inhabitants, in an area spanning around 483 km², thus making it the largest borough in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state.

The Borough is supported by excellent infrastructure. In the west, it borders on the state capital, Schwerin; in the east, it reaches almost as far as Parchim, the district's principal town. Two link-ups to the A14 motorway (Autobahn) and federal roads B104 and B321 connect the Borough with the road network beyond the region. In addition, the Schwerin-Parchim railway line has several stopping-points here in our districts.

The wonderfully beautiful landscape of this area, with the whole eastern bank of Lake Schwerin, the western section of the Sternberg Lakeland, and the Lewitz: all these are further assets that contribute to making the Borough of Crivitz both a well-loved place to live and also an interesting tourist destination.

So it is our pleasure to invite you to make a virtual visit to our Borough and, above all, to come and make a visit in person.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Iris Brincker
Borough Chief Officer

Britta Brusch-Gamm
Chairwoman of the Borough Committee