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The Borough of Crivitz as an Economic Location

Map The Borough of Crivitz as an Economic Location © Borough Crivitz
The Borough of Crivitz as an Economic Location © Boroogh of Crivitz

The Borough of Crivitz and its constituent local authorities are a good address for setting up businesses of all kinds. There are numerous opportunities for setting up operations, on five industrial estates and in other commercial properties.

All the following factors make a convincing argument for you:

  1. Good transport connections via the A14 Autobahn (motorway) , accessed at the 'Kreuz Schwerin' and 'Kreuz Wismar' junctions, the B104 (Schwerin - Güstrow) and B321 (Schwerin - Parchim) federal roads, as well as the Schwerin – Parchim railway line.
  2. A business-friendly municipal administration. This also results in moderate rates of land tax and trade tax.
  3. The proximity to the state capital, Schwerin, and also to Parchim, the principal town of its respective district, with their associated Schwerin-Parchim airport.
  4. Other location-specific factors, such as a wide-ranging offer of schools and childcare facilities, good opportunities for shopping, reliable medical services on an in-patient and out-patient basis, an extensive network of cyclists' and walkers' paths, opportunities for water sports on Lake Schwerin and the Stör Canal, and much more besides.