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Degow (Polish: Dygowo)

coat of arms Dygowo © community Dygowo
Coat of Arms - Degow

The partnership with the Degow Administrative District was founded in Retgendorf by the then Borough of Lake Schwerin – Eastern Bank; the contract was signed on 12.05.2000. Degow Administrative District is situated in Poland's West Pomerania province, around 12 km south-east of Kolberg, on the river Persante (Polish: Parsęta). It is particularly the fire-brigades of what was the Borough District of Lake Schwerin - Eastern Bank and also the regional school at Mühlenberg in Cambs that cultivate an intensive partnership with Degow.

Gohlen on the Warthe (Polish: Golina)

coat of arms Golina © community Golina
Coat of Arms - Gohlen on the Warthe

The partnership with the Polish town of Gohlen on the Warthe was founded by the former Borough of Banzkow. The town of Gohlen on the Warthe is situated in the Greater Poland province, around 90 km south-east of Poznan.