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Worth Seeing

Outside the boundaries of our Borough, as well as within them, there is so much that is worth seeing and experiencing. Here is some selected fuller information.

The Lewitz

The Lewitz, Germany's largest meadow landscape in one single coherent area, is a varied mixture of meadows, forests and waterways. It is particularly attractive for walking and cycling.

Lake Schwerin

At around 62 square kilometres, Lake Schwerin is Germany’s third-largest lake. It emerged after the last Ice Age, as a lake created from the tongue of a glacier. A dam – known as the 'Paulsdamm' (federal road B104) divides it into an inner lake and outer lake. The lake is located in the centre of an EU-designated bird-protection area and is a well-loved area for sailing.

Around Crivitz
Around Crivitz logo © Amt Crivitz

Crivitz - a small town in Western Mecklenburg, close to Schwerin, the state capital. In and 'around Crivitz' there is a lot to discover. The town Crivitz is the headquarters of the Borough of Crivitz.

Sternberg Lakeland Nature Park
Warnow bridges in Karnin © Borough of Crivitz
Warnowbridges in Karnin © Borough of Crivitz

Sternberg Lakeland Nature Park – land of anglers and of water gaps. Enjoy the lovely landscapes along the Warnow. Member districts are part of this nature park - Gneven, Langen Brütz, Pinnow and Raben Steinfeld. Visit the Nature Park Centre in Warin, with an exciting exhibition.

Schwerin Castle
Schwerin Castle © State Museum Schwerin
Schwerin Castle © State Museum Schwerin

Schwerin Castle – a building of splendour in the heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A true fairy-tale castle, nowadays serving as the headquarters for the local state parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A visit to the state capital and to the castle facilities is absolutely to be recommended.

White Fleet of Schwerin
MS Lübz in front of Schwerin Castle © White Fleet Schwerin
MS Lübz in front of Schwerin Castle © White Fleet Schwerin

Enjoy a few hours on Lake Schwerin, on a steamer trip provided by the White Fleet of Schwerin. Viewed from Lake Schwerin, you have a fine view that takes in the city panorama of Schwerin, the state capital.

Schwerin grinding mill

Schwerin grinding mill, a historic water-mill located at Schwerin’s castle grounds, in which stone-grinders process natural stones.

Schwerin-Mueß - Open Air Museum of Ethnography
Schwerin-Mueß - Open Air Museum of Ethnography © Schwerin-Mueß - Open Air Museum of Ethnography
Schwerin-Mueß - Open Air Museum of Ethnography

The open-air museum of ethnography in the Mueß district of the state capital, Schwerin, conveys an impression of how the rural population lived in a long-gone era.

Neustadt-Glewe Castle
Neustadt-Glewe Castle © S. Mittelstädt
Neustadt-Glewe Castle © S. Mittelstädt

The castle’s facilities have been completely restored since December 2006. When making a tour, you can view the tower with dungeon, guardroom and armoury, as well as the residential hall. Valuable wall-paintings from the Gothic and Renaissance periods are kept in what was the principal living area. In the upper floor of the 'Old and the New House', exhibitions about the history of the castle and the town are shown, as well as art exhibitions and special exhibitions on various specific topics. Apart from the museum, the castle facilities are home to the town information centre, a restaurant, and a room for wedding ceremonies.

Numerous events are staged here throughout the year.

Basthorst Castle
Basthorst Castle © Borough of Crivitz
Basthost Castle © Borough of Crivitz

Amid a fascinating landscape, surrounded by the Glambecksee - a shimmering blue lake - and by dense forests and the English castle grounds, a Mecklenburg jewel awaits you. Discover the marvellous Basthorst Castle, with its extraordinary houses: for blissful sleep, for special culinary experiences, for relaxed hours of wellness – and with service that has earned numerous distinctions.

WINSTONgolf © Joachim von Ramin
WINSTONgolf © Joachim von Ramin

WINSTONgolf is a wonderful golfing facility in Vorbeck with three first-class golf courses that are winners of several prizes.

Estate Vorbeck
Estate Vorbeck with horses © Stefan von Stengel
Estate Vorbeck © Stefan von Stengel

Estate Vorbeck, a golfing and country hotel, located directly alongside the Warnow river. Apart from playing golf at WINSTONgolf, you can also have fun canoeing here on the Warnow, as well as riding in a glorious landscape characterised by end moraines.

Kaarz Castle
Frontview Castle Kaarz © WINSTONgolf
Castle Kaarz © WINSTONgolf

Kaarz Castle, a castle hotel with generously-dimensioned parking facilities, close to the small Mecklenburg town of Sternberg.

Wiligrad Castle

Wiligrad Castle, on the western bank of Lake Schwerin's outer section, is now home to the Wiligrader Kunstverein artistic association, regularly hosting concerts and exhibitions.

Friedrichsmoor Hunting Lodge
Friedrichsmoor Hunting Lodge © Jagdschloss Friedrichsmoor
Friedrichsmoor Hunting Lodge

In the heart of the Lewitz, somewhat hidden, you can find the Friedrichsmoor Hunting Lodge. Today, this wonderfully beautiful lodge is home both to a hotel and restaurant and also to horse-breeding.


Via the Stör Channel, you can make your way onto the Müritz-Elde Waterway. The waterway is easy to navigate. It connects the Müritz with the Elbe at Dömitz. Nowadays it is primarily used by those travelling on the waters as a leisure pursuit.

Archaeological Open-Air Museum Groß Raden
Archaeological Open-Air Museum Groß Raden © LAKD M-V, Landesarchäologie, F. Ruchhöft
Archaeological Open-Air Museum Groß Raden, LAKD M-V, Landesarchäologie, F. Ruchhöft

The Archaeological Open-Air Museum Groß Raden is an old Slavic temple site, dating from the 9th and 10th centuries AD. You can find the museum close to the small town of Sternberg.