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Municipal Politics

The Borough Committee

The Borough Committee is the Borough's supreme body for the formulation of its will and for its decision-making. It decides on all important matters handled by the Borough. It consists of the mayors of the member administrative districts and also, depending on the administrative district's size, on further members of the administrative districts' representative bodies. The Borough Committee for the Borough of Crivitz is thus comprised as follows:

Administrative District Mayor and Administrative District Representative
Banzkow Mr Ralf Michalski, Mayor
Mr Reiner Kluth, Administrative District Representative
Dr Erhard Bergmann, Administrative District Representative
Barnin Mr Siegfried Zimmermann, Mayor
Bülow Mr Klaus Aurich, Mayor
Cambs Mr Frank-Rainer Müller, Mayor
Demen Ms Heidrun Sprenger, Mayor
Dobin am See Mr Andreas Schwarz, Mayor
Mr Georg Brandt, Administrative District Representative
Friedrichsruhe Mr Andreas Sturm, Mayor
Gneven Mr Hubert Dierkes, Mayor
Langen Brütz Mr Wolfried Pätzold, Mayor
Leezen Ms Manuela Müller, Mayor
Ms Silke Pagel, Administrative District Representative
Mr Sebastian Albrecht, Administrative District Representative
Pinnow Mr Günter Tiroux, Mayor
Mr Wolfram Klein, Administrative District Representative
Mr Klaus-Michael Glaser, Administrative District Representative
Plate Mr Ronald Radscheidt, Mayor
Mr Manfred Rieckhoff, Administrative District Representative
Ms Marion Funk, Administrative District Representative
Dr Egbert Dähn, Administrative District Representative
Raben Steinfeld Mr Klaus-Dieter Bruns, Mayor
Mr Thorsten Lubatsch, Administrative District Representative
Town of Crivitz

Ms Britta Brusch-Gamm, Mayor
Mr Alexander Gamm, Town Representative
Mr Jens Raulin, Town Representative
Mr Michael Renker, Town Representative
Ms Karina Reinke, Town Representative

Sukow Mr Horst-Dieter Keding, Mayor
Mr Hans-Heinrich Stövhase, Administrative District Representative
Tramm Mr Heinrich-Hermann Behr, Mayor
Zapel Mr Hans-Werner Wandschneider, Mayor
Total 32 members

It is a point of principle that, in the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Borough Councils are managed by the voluntary Borough Chief Officers. The Borough of Crivitz is managed by a Borough Chief Officer employed full-time. For this reason, a voluntary Borough Committee Chairman runs Crivitz Borough Committee's sessions. This function is exercised by the Mayor of Plate Administrative District, Ms Britta Brusch-Gamm.

Committees run by the Borough Committee

1. Main Committee

The Main Committee decides on matters that have been passed on to it by the Borough Committee. It prepares the Borough Committee's decisions in human-resource and organisational terms. The Main Committee consists of the Borough Chief Officer and nine Borough Committee members. Ms Brincker, Borough Chief Officer, chairs this committee.

The Main Committee's sessions are open to the public.

2. Finance Committee

The Finance Committee acts in a consultative capacity. It prepares the Borough's budget by-laws and the decisions necessary for implementing the budget plan. It consists of five Borough Committee members.

The Finance Committee's sessions are open to the public.

3. Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee is a mandatory committee. It must be formed by the Borough Committee. It checks the annual accounts and accompanies the Borough's budgetary management activities. The Auditing Committee consists of five Borough Committee members and two local residents with relevant specialist knowledge. Instead of forming their own auditing committee, the member administrative districts have the possibility to make avail of this Auditing Committee run by the Borough Committee. With the exception of the town of Crivitz, all member administrative districts make use of this opportunity.

The sessions of the Auditing Committee are not open to the public.

4. Decision-Making Schools Committee

Based on the Borough's main statutes, the Decision-Making Schools Committee can make decisions within the framework of its trusteeship role for the following institutions:

  • ORI-Grundschule Leezen (primary school)
  • Grundschule Wilhelm Busch Cambs (primary school)
  • Regionale Schule am Mühlenberg Cambs (regional school)
  • Leezen Day-Nursery
  • Cambs Day-Nursery
  • Mühlenberghalle Cambs

Seven Borough Committee members belong to the Schools Committee, from the administrative districts Cambs, Dobin am See, Gneven, Langen Brütz, Leezen and Pinnow.

The sessions of the Decision-Making Schools Committee are open to the public.

5. Business, Tourism, Municipal Partnerships and Culture Committee

This Committee acts in a consultative capacity. Its tasks include the organisation of tourism-related activities, the development of commercial activities within the Borough's borders, the promotion and development of the partner-community relationships that the Borough has, in addition to the cultural activities within the Borough region. The usiness, Tourism, Municipal Partnerships and Culture Committee consists of five Borough Committee members and four local residents with relevant specialist knowledge.
The sessions of the Business, Tourism, Culture and Municipal Partnerships Committee are open to the public.