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Holiday in the Region

Rafting in Basthorst © Borough of Crivitz
Slow rafting in Basthorst

Gentle hills, roaming fields, extensive woodlands, as well as picturesque locations, with small lakes dotted all around – that is the charming landscape of the districts comprising the Borough of Crivitz.

Our regions invite you to enjoy the beauty of natural rivers, lakes with wonderfully clear water, a landscape rich in a diversity of wildlife, old churches built of fieldstones, historic structures, castles and manor houses, with many regional products and friendly locals.

In our region, you have the chance to defy the hectic nature of everyday life and savour a special moment, by walking, swimming and bathing, fishing, a horse-riding holiday, playing golf, or wellness.

Get to know our absolutely lovely region.
Whether it is by foot, on a bike, by bus or boat, whether old or young, whether as a single or with the whole family – come and visit us, enjoy our hospitality and come again! Or even better: if you like the place especially well, just simply stay here!

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